Read Audio create custom-fit earplugs and in-ear monitors in just 48 hours.
Intelligently engineered, acoustically tuned and ready when you are.



Creating perfect balance with  separate treble, 
mid-range and bass speakers, the R303 brings detail to the whole spectrum. Two individually tuned outlets create its unique signature regardless of the size or shape of ear. The R303 is supported by our 24 month warranty and half-price replacement guarantees.


The latest incarnation of our most popular monitor now offers our sound signature guarantee along with super-fast build times, half-price replacements and a 24 month warranty. As if that wasn't enough it now supports a choice of cables and uses an industry-standard connector so you can even bring your own!


One of the most cost-effective custom-fit in-ear monitors on the market. The R100 offers a great entry-level solution with a deep rich sound and incredible isolation without having to revert to universal-fit monitors. Its modular design makes servicing a cinch so all the standard service and replacement guarantees apply.


Read Audio produce custom-fit musicians earplugs offering 15dB and 19dB protection, half-price replacements, perfect-fit guarantee and our 48 hour standard manufacture-time.

PHOTO : Jay Cook - Phoenix Club -  Joe Wiles Photography