Monitor two inputs on a single set of IEMs and a whole bunch of other clever stuff with this mini marvel.


What does adaptear do?

'I love my R100s, I don't go anywhere without them!!' Jerry Brown - Hillsong MD

AdaptEar® is the neatest solution for anyone wanting to monitor two separate channels through a single set of earpieces. It's compatible with a wide range of personal radios and will also accept any device that has a standard 3.5mm output. It's used widely by people needing to monitor two radios at once but can just as easily be used to monitor a radio and a mobile phone or music player. The unit itself behaves like a passive mixer allowing you to control volumes at the individual sources to get a level that's comfortable to you without having to fiddle with extra knobs and controls on the unit itself. Weighing in at just 33 grams and only 60 x 42 x 20mm you'll barely notice you're wearing it.

so what's the other clever stuff?

AdaptEar® isn't just an output mixer, it let's you talk back too. If you use a mobile phone as an input and a standard hand-free headset as your output, you can make phone calls just as you would normally and still monitor your second source. You can even connect a PTT mic straight into the unit itself and use it to key-up on one of your radio inputs.

AdaptEar® also protects your hearing. With a simple dial on the back you can tune AdaptEar® to your headset so that it can keep your hearing safe. All your inputs will be monitored for excessive sound levels and adjusted accordingly before any danger hits your ears.  A small red light indicates that the sound-limiter is in action. With this little box of tricks in action any pops, feedback, crackles or even shouting will be ironed out before it gets to you so you can finally listen comfortably. If you use Read Audio earpieces or order your AdaptEar® at the same time as a set of in-ears we'll configure it for you or tell you what to do. If you're using anyone else's earpieces (shame on you) we'll just need a few details to get your box set up.

how do i get set up?

The AdaptEar® unit comes with the cables you need to be able to monitor one 3.5mm compatible sources safely for £118.80. You can monitor a second source with the addition of a simple 3.5mm male-to-male cable long enough for your needs. These can be supplied for £18. To enable talkback on one of your radios you'll need an adaptor cable for your radio as well as a PTT mic, the prices on these vary slightly depending on the model of radio but a complete kit with talkback to a radio and monitoring of a second source will cost around £190.

To find out which cables you'll need and to get a quote give the office a call or email

AdaptEar® Kit : Around £190