So you've stumbled upon one of our exclusive and very rare Read Audio beermats and want to know a little more about what we do? Well here's us in a nutshell.

Read Audio manufacture custom-fit hearing protection and in-ear monitors from our cozy little gaff in Sensible Studios just north of Kings Cross, London. We have a range of earplugs for different types of exposure and each one is acoustically tuned for your ear, we also have a range of in-ear monitors from single to triple speaker and all the information and pricing about our products is right here on this web site.

Everything that we make is ready in 48 hours guaranteed, all repairs or replacements are also ready in 48 hours guaranteed. If you should lose anything you buy from us (or if your dog, your kids or your flight case should chew them up) all replacements cost just 50% of the retail price for 4 years following your purchase.

If you need us in a hurry you can call the office on 020 3397 8837, if you're not in such a hurry you can email us at If you're in even less of a hurry just swing by the office next time you're nearby, plonk yourself on our sofa and we can have a good chinwag and a beer. On a lovely Read Audio beermat of course.

See you soon!