Introducing the Read Audio 03 Series
Crazy fast, incredibly versatile and unique as a fingerprint

The R203 and R303 pro-series in-ear monitors take versatility and reliability to a whole new level. Still backed by our 48 hour manufacturing guarantee, our 48 hour repair guarantee, our half-price replacement guarantee and our industry-beating 24 month warranty; the 03 Series has even more tricks up its sleeve.


From the outside in

Our latest shell design provides even greater isolation, improved fit and makes fitting and removing your IEMs even easier. Our clear acrylic earpieces offer resilience to moisture, strength against the abuse of the road but still create a perfect acoustic response.


Plays well with others

All 03 Series IEMs now come with a widely compatible 2-Pin connector. Our new standard cable now offers memory wire at the earpiece to keep your monitors handy when not in use and keep slack cable at bay. In addition its twisted design makes it incredibly flexible so that it hangs naturally and is easy to keep tangle free. Best of all, you can get spare or replacement cables from an enormous variety of suppliers worldwide, choose your favourite, keep a spare or borrow one from a mate, you need never be caught short again. Choose from cables compatible with JH Audio, Cosmic, Minerva, Westone, 1964 or a host of others. Love our 02 Series cable? No problem, that works with our new connector too!


Tuned for you

We don't just make sure that the fit of your in-ear monitors is unique to you, every 03 Series monitor we make is tuned uniquely to its owner as well. Because ears vary in size, so too will the distance between the speakers in the monitor and the outlet at its tip. This variation impacts the acoustics of the sound channel and affects the sound of the monitor, so how can we be sure that our 03 Series monitors will sound the same to every ear? We account for the variation in length by adapting the diameter of the sound outlets to keep the acoustics the same so we can be sure that our 03 Series monitors will sound just as gorgeous (and just the same) to every ear, from the daintiest to the dirty-greatest.


R203 vs R303

R303 - £800

The R303 uses separate bass, mid and treble drivers to create a more natural and neutral response. Its twin outlets are individually acoustically tuned to create the perfect balance and the extra headroom created makes it perfect for EQing to get a sound unique to you.

R203 - £600

Twin balanced armature speakers combined into a single unit give the R203 a perfectly phase-aligned output. With rich deep bass and crisp clear treble the R203 has all the detail you need hear every nuance of your mix. With a rich and warm signature straight from the box the R203 is also perfect for personal listening on any device.