The Read Audio R1303 raises the bar of audio perfection to unimaginable new heights.

With 13 drivers per ear the R1303 allows you to hear levels of detail in your music that you've never experienced before, hear every intricacy of your performance from the drunken ramblings of a punter to the breath of the craftsman that built your instruments, it's there in all its staggering, breathtaking glory.

Each ear features our unique array of 4 bass, 4 mid and 4 treble speakers creating a veritable cacophony of overpowering frequency response to beat your brain cells into submission. We've even thrown in another bass speaker for good measure so we can be quite sure that each set of R1303s packs enough punch to kill a donkey.

Our unique shell design gives impeccable isolation from outside noise but fear not, these bad boys give out so much sound it will bleed out of your nose so you can still piss off commuters on the tube.
If you've tried 12 speaker monitors in the past and feel there's just a little something lacking then the R1303 is for you. Let's face it, 13 speakers is clearly better than 12 right? 

If you have a feeling you might need the most expensive in-ears you can find then the R1303 is good news, available for just £12,500 per pair this in-ear audio orgy represents truly incredible value. If you're not sure that the value is incredible enough we'll even let them go for just £15,995 with a valid NUS card.

The R1303, there really is nothing like it. Genuinely, nothing.