To create the R202 we've taken the basis of its predecessor and re-engineered it to within an inch of its life.

The same incredible speakers are now housed in a semi-solid rigid shell offering even greater isolation from outside noise so everything you hear is even clearer. Inside the shell the R202 incorporates a cavity that keeps any moisture away from the speakers until it has time to dissipate making your R202s ultra-reliable.

The sound outlets of the R202 feature a revolutionary new tubeless design, each sound outlet is individually crafted as part of the body of the earpiece giving complete control of the sound path and an entirely rigid sound outlet creating impeccable acoustic response.

With the R202 we've even upgraded the cable, offering all the great features of the original the new design features a twisted  main cable with no Y joint below the earpieces giving greater strength and a clearer signal path. It's even a little better at staying untangled.

The R202 employs Sonion’s AcuPass technology, just like its predecessor, creating an incredibly rich, phase-tuned dual speaker monitor that delivers a deep, broad and powerful sound. Sometimes, being clever about design means reaping the benefits of the hundreds of man-hours of design work that has already been invested by experts in their field and the R202 comes packed with a dual driver configuration with all the punch you need married with a meticulous crossover circuit that makes each speaker sing. Sonion’s design ingeniously marries the tweeter and woofer in mechanical harmony ensuring a perfectly phase-tuned response that eliminates interference resulting in crisp, clear and detailed sound through a single outlet.

The R202 utilises all-new manufacturing techniques designed and pioneered by Read Audio meaning we can guarantee your monitors will be ready in just 48 hours. This also means that they can be replicated precisely if replacements are needed in just the same time and each one is precision engineered and uniquely designed to fit you perfectly. We apply our TouchMould process to each ear with our discreet raised marking so you can feel which ear is which without even looking.

Every R202 also comes in our custom flight case offering the protection you need so that your monitors can live comfortably with the rest of the equipment in your case.

Remember, once we’ve designed your R202s we keep them on record in case you should need help at short notice. If you have a problem or even if you lose them entirely we can have them cloned for you in whole or in part in 48 hours guaranteed. All replacements within four years of your initial purchase are half price too whether you order them on day one or on day one thousand four hundred and sixty so you need never be without your in-ears again.