The R302 shares the same incredible speaker array as its predecessor. Other than that, it's a whole different story in there.

The speakers are now housed in a semi-solid rigid shell offering even greater isolation from outside noise so everything you hear is even clearer. Inside the shell the R302 incorporates a cavity that keeps any moisture away from the speakers until it has time to dissipate making your R302s ultra-reliable.

The sound outlets of the R302 feature a revolutionary new tubeless design, each sound outlet is individually crafted as part of the body of the earpiece giving complete control of the sound path and an entirely rigid sound outlet creating impeccable acoustic response.

With the R302 we've even upgraded the cable, offering all the great features of the original, the new design features a twisted  main cable with no Y joint below the earpieces giving greater strength and a clearer signal path. It's even a little better at staying untangled.


The R302 uses a triple speaker array from Knowles with a meticulously designed three-way crossover that creates a rich and strong response across the board giving you amazing detail at every level. Using the largest low frequency speaker available in its class the R302 offers a tuned response with plenty of headroom to pack as much power as you need it to so you can EQ it to your heart’s content knowing it can take anything you’re willing to throw at it.

To compliment this progressive approach to design we marry your R302s with a groundbreaking cable offering minimalist design and incredible strength. Our cable uses one of the smallest connectors available keeping our earpieces as flush as they can be in your ear and allowing us to create a neat rounded profile to the shell. The connector is buried inside the housing leaving just a tiny portion of the barrel visible outside the shell reinforcing the connection against pull strain and keeping it inconspicuous. The cable itself measures 127cm which is perfect for both pocket and belt-pack avoiding surplus coils of cable that need to be tidied or clipped. At just 0.9mm in diameter it’s barely visible when in use but has a tensile strength of up to 60n giving you the best of both worlds with an incredibly discreet cable that’s also super strong.

Every R302 also comes in our custom flight case offering the protection you need so that your monitors can live comfortably with the rest of the equipment in your case.

Remember, once we’ve designed your R302s we keep them on record in case you should need help at short notice. If you have a problem, or even if you lose them entirely, we can have them cloned for you in whole or in part in 48 hours guaranteed. All replacements within four years of your initial purchase are half price too whether you order them on day one or on day one thousand four hundred and sixty so you need never be without your in-ears again.


SRP £800